About Bowerdale

Bowerdale is the home of the art and creative work of Yorkshire Dales based, landscape and woodland photographer Paul Howell.

I enjoy seeking out views seldom seen around my home in Nidderdale and further afield across Yorkshire and the North of England. With a passion for photographing trees and woodlands I can often be found exploring the small pockets of beautiful, twisted, remnants of ancient forests that still survive in the less well-trodden parts of the Dales and Moors.

I have written a number articles on photography, had images published and on television, exhibited my work and have had photographs short listed and highly commended in the Landscape photographer of the year competition.

Where did the name Bowerdale come from?

Early in 2016 I created paulhowellphotography.co.uk a website designed to showcase my landscape and abstract photography. While building the site I became aware that there were already a few Paul Howell’s around the world and several of them also happened to be photographers. So as to avoid any confusion I decided to rename my site and came up with Bowerdale.

Bowerdale is an amalgamation of two words. Bower, a pleasant shady place under the branches of a tree in a wood, and Dale, a valley especially in northern England.

The shady places under the branches of trees in the woods of the valleys of northern England are frequently where I find myself drawn and so often a source of inspiration to my work.